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About Christmas on the Hill

Our Story

We're a family run business based in North London and we absolutely love everything to do with Christmas!  We started our first company, Square Roots - a design, landscape & organic garden maintenance company - back in 2011. 


After a few years, we discovered our customers were looking for sustainable fresh wreaths and trees, delivered to their door for a reasonable price - this is how Christmas on the Hill began.  We are committed to ensuring that every tree and wreath is of the highest quality and, because we care about our local community, up to 20% of our profits will go to help local schools.

We’re very excited to be one of the few companies offering rental trees as well as cut trees. Renting a tree gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful living Christmas tree every year, whilst also contributing to the growth and continued life of a tree.  Nearly 6 million trees enter landfill in January every year - let's do our bit to put a stop to this!


We offer both delivery and a local pick up option, because we know that for many people the festive season begins with a family trip to pick up the tree.

Winter Wishes,

Christmas on the Hill x

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