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We're VERY excited to offer sustainable, pot-grown rental trees as well as sustainable cut trees.


Every year, nearly 6 million Christmas trees enter landfill. We're PASSIONATE about reducing this, both through our Christmas tree recycling programme and through our Christmas tree rental scheme.


We've teamed up with a really special farm in Gloucestershire to give you the tree you want, with the care and love our planet deserves.


All our rental trees are Norway Spruce.


Nordmann Fir is the tree of choice for cut trees, as they retain their needles well, but for living trees needle retention isn't an issue (trees only drop their needles when they're dying!) and Norway Spruce look and smell fantastically Christmassy as well as having a smaller root system, which enables them to be practical for rental use.


They're grown from seedlings on the farm and we consider it a real honour to be part of their growth and to help them on their journey to becoming Big Trees, instead of having a short life ending in a landfill site.

Please be aware that rental trees can be a bit QUIRKY and are full of CHARACTER. Their branches are thinner, spiky and more delicate than Nordmann Fir. They're not always perfectly symmetrical or straight because they're grown as nature intended, rather than being heavily pruned and sprayed to look perfect for just a few weeks.


Looking to hire for your business or an event? We can help! Please click here to send us an enquiry.

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