Folding Christmas Tree


Because we know that school fundraising opportunities have been few and far between due to Covid, we are delighted to be able to offer our help.  

If your school has already signed up to our scheme, please enter your unique school code during checkout. Parents and carers are also welcome to share their school code with friends and family elsewhere in London to raise more money for their school.

Interested in joining our scheme?

We'll give you a unique code for your school which you can share with parents/carers/teachers/friends/family - anyone you like! They can place an order for a cut tree or wreath on our website and then enter the unique school code at checkout.  

We'll give you a donation for each purchase made with your school code, PLUS a bonus payment of £200 if your code is used 25-50 times, £500 if your code is used 50-100 times and a whopping £750 if your code is used 100+ times!

It's completely free to take part and the School or PSA do not need to do anything other than spread the word and share the code.  All trees and wreaths are delivered directly to the person who placed the order, or they can pick them up from our base at Ally Pally. We'll be there every day from 1st December to 21st December 2022.

PLUS, so long as we receive at least 5 orders with your code, we'll give your school a free 6ft Christmas tree to enjoy as a thank you!


To join please email:

school 2.png


3ft tree = £4 donation
4ft tree = £5 donation
5ft tree = £7 donation
6ft tree = £8 donation
7ft tree = £10 donation

8ft tree = £11 donation
9ft tree = £13 donation
10ft tree = £16 donation
11ft tree = £19 donation
12ft tree = £22 donation

12 inch wreath = £3 donation
14 inch wreath = £4 donation
16 inch wreath = £5 donation