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*Please note, styles may vary from those shown in pictures. Deposits are refundable upon the safe return of the decorations before 8 January 2023. We will deduct £5 from the deposit refund for each damaged or missing decoration.




Instead of buying new decorations, why not save money and rent them? Our decoration rental packs are made up of a selection of stunning Nkuku tree decorations made from sustainable materials and recycled glass and are hung with ribbons made from recycled saris. We recommend the following pack sizes for each tree, but you are welcome to scale up or down depending upon the number of decorations you require or the "fullness" look you prefer.

2ft rental pack = approx. 20 decorations = £40 (plus £60 refundable* deposit)

3ft rental pack = approx. 30 decorations = £60 (plus £90 refundable* deposit)

4ft rental pack = approx. 40 decorations = £80 (plus £120 refundable* deposit)

5ft rental pack = approx. 55 decorations = £110 (plus £165 refundable* deposit)

6ft rental pack = approx. 70 decorations = £140 (plus £200 refundable* deposit)

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