Bring home that special Christmas smell with our handmade wreaths and garlands, made with fresh noble fir and sustainable foliage that is sourced locally. 

Choose to have your wreath delivered to your door for convenience or order it online and then collect it for free from one of our special pop up locations.


Enjoy your beautiful fresh wreath and garland for longer with these simple care tips.

Keep it hydrated


Watering your wreath or garland depends entirely on where it's displayed. Will it be outside in a cool climate? No watering necessary! If you are keeping it indoors in a warm climate, your wreath will need to be spritzed with water every few days, or as you notice it looks dry. You can also put it in a bath tub of water to more effectively re-hydrate it, if required.


Avoid direct sun


Where possible, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from any source of heat. Kept out of the sun, your wreath should last well into January, perhaps even longer inif it's really cold.


Indoor display


If you want to bring your wreath or garland indoors for a holiday event, it's best to wait until the last minute before you bring it in, then return it outdoors when the party is over. If, however, you elect to keep the wreath indoors, water it more frequently, and be aware it will probably have a shorter life span, about two weeks. 


We hope these tips help you enjoy your wreath and garland for as long as possible!

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