The 6 Footer


plus £30 fully refundable* deposit

This tree is approximately 6ft tall from the bottom of it's pot to the top of it's leader. It's a living Christmas tree and has been grown in it's pot from a seedling.

It requires a pint of water every day so, if you are going away for Christmas, a rental tree is not suitable for you. Please check out our cut trees instead.


Need a saucer to go under your pot to avoid any watering mishaps? Please remember the pots have holes in and you will need to take care to protect your floor from spillages.  The saucer will be yours to keep.


Need lights? Our lights are warm LEDs and will compliment your tree perfectly. The lights are yours to keep.


Please choose either Delivery & Collection or Self Pick Up & Return (you will need a car as they are very heavy!).


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