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HEAT - They don't like the heat! They'll be happy enough inside for a few weeks over Christmas, but please keep away from the radiator and other heat sources. If you want to keep your tree outside, they'll be even happier there.

WATER - They must be watered everyday to ensure their health and survival. If you are going away for Christmas, a pot-grown tree is possibly not suitable for you. They require approximately a pint of water every day and please don't forget the pots have holes in the bottom. You will need to have a saucer underneath to avoid mishaps.​ You may also wish to cover that bit of flooring for additional protection.


POTS - Our trees have been grown in their pots on the farm with undisturbed roots. Please do not remove them from their pots until the Spring, as they will probably not survive this. However, feel free to put the pot inside another pot or use a pot cover or similar if you want to bling it up a bit.


PRUNING - The farmer will hand-prune and fertilise the trees to keep them healthy - we wouldn't recommend pruning them yourself until the Spring.

DECORATING - Please do not put snow or glitter sprays or similar on the tree as this could harm it.  If you plant your tree outside, it will become part of the wildlife ecosystem. Artificial sprays etc would be harmful to the wildlife which may try to eat it. However, please feel free to load your tree with as many lights and baubles as you can find! There's no such thing as too many! 

All our pot-grown trees are Norway Spruce. Nordmann Fir is the tree of choice for cut trees, as they retain their needles well, but for living trees needle retention is not an issue (trees only drop their needles when they're dying!) and Norway Spruce look and smell fantastically Christmassy.


The tree height is measured from the bottom of the pot to the top point of the tree. 

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