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Cut Christmas trees are like cut flowers - they require water to ensure they don't dry out and to ensure they stay looking fresh for the whole Christmas period. We would recommend using a watering stand and giving your tree approx a pint of water per day. 

We will cut around half an inch from the bottom of the trunk of your tree before we deliver it to you, or you take it away. This helps the tree to absorb water and will help to keep it fresh for longer.

Please remember Christmas trees do not like the heat. If you place your tree next to a radiator or fire, it is likely to dry out much quicker than if it's kept cool.

Our trees are all premium quality and we do our very best to check the health of all the trees before they're delivered to you. However, they are all unique, and very occasionally a tree may struggle once it is brought inside. If you have any issues with your tree, please call us straight away and we will replace it for you.

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